Day 1: Attention? Go!

The weather was the main concern for rowers, coaches and supporters on Thursday morning. A lot of waves were generated by the wind but that didn't stop the rowers from competing this morning. The basin was good enough for Jean Pierre Bremer, Executive Director.

However, spectators choirs were massed in the uncovered grandstands, gave their voices, rang their bells and waved their rattles in the purest tradition, forgetting that the rain was soaking them and the wind was chilling them. What a great atmosphere !

Let's start, 46 heats was schedule today with a departure every 6 min.

First races concerned eliminatory heats use to qualify boats for the next stage. Everybody push hard until the last stroke !

Favourites confirmed their places and lined up for the following heats. The imposing German, Italian and British delegations stood out in every event. But, there's no question of tactics for the chasers, who have to fight to the end.

The weather is definitely the most important aspect of this event.