Windy Wednesday! Thursday's better?

On Wednesday, the Vaires Basin was more suitable for coastal rowing competitions than for single-lane races. The 19 races planned for today had to be postponed until Thursday morning at 8.30 am! The schedule for the following days has been adjusted accordingly.

Should the wind die down, the schedule for the finals on Saturday and Sunday will remain unchanged. The largest categories, i.e. the 30 men's single sculls, 24 women's single sculls, 25 men's double sculls and 19 men's double sculls, have been postponed.

Rowing, more known as a team sport, is also practised as an individual sport. The large number of participants reflects the universality of the sport, with countries less familiar with the honours of sports coverage represented, such as Latvia, the Republic of Moldova, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Zambia, etc.

All races can be followed on site from the 2,000-metre shore of the Vaires Basin or on There you will find the current programme as well as race tracking and live video streaming for the races on Saturday and Sunday only.