Day 2: Thanks God, it's Friday

On this Friday morning, we didn't want to talk about today's weather. The forecast for the coming days is so pessimistic that the 3-day program from Friday to Sunday has been turned upside down. Sunday's races are cancelled and the semi-finals and finals will be held on the same day: Saturday.

Today, there was 29 repechage races. Weather was good with a little bit of sun between clouds and wind.

Races began at 8.30 a.m., with rowers racing for their ticket to the semi-finals or finals. At this level of competition, qualifications are hard to come by and finishes are tight. The South African 4+, the Czech women's 8 and the American men's 8 are already out of the running.

Otherwise, there were no surprises at the finish. The favourites lived up to their billing and continued their qualifying runs. These very close results augur spectacular semi-final finishes and hotly contested medals.

Let's look forward to the show tomorrow !

The day ended with the C, D and E finals.These finals establish a world hierarchy in each event.