Day 3: The apotheosis

Previous elimination promised us some great semi-finals and finals. And they were ! The show was also on in the stands, with supporters bearing flags and banners, giving voice and doing traditional sounds of their countries with instruments like bells, vuvuzelas, rattles and other, capable of drowning out the voice of the speakers.

Concerning the races, nations that regularly dominate the finals and podiums were also present.The Germans had crews in 11 of the 14 finals, the Italians in 8, the British in 7 and the Romanians in 6.

In terms of medals, the Germans finished the championship with 7 around their necks, including 2 in gold. The Romanian crews didn't come for nothing: present in 6 finals, they left with 6 medals, including 3 gold. The Italians won 5 medals, 3 of gold, and the British came away with 5 medals, including the 2 most prestigious in the men's and women's 8; and each time ahead of the Germans and Romanians. Did you say hegemony?

The other nations shared out their leftovers on the podiums. Turkey and Greece, with 3 medals each, left 1 medal for each of the other nations: Australia, China, France, Ireland, Slovakia, South Africa, Switzerland and Uruguay.

See you on July 26 for the 2024 Paris Olympics, but for all of today's U19 champions, the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics will be on the horizon.

Au revoir.